Topic 3

Out of this world technologies

 7 October 2020 16:30 - 19:00 CET

Out of this world technologies

From satellites, to launchers, space stations, telecommunications, and science instruments: the space sector is full of innovative and state-of-the-art technologies that need engineers and graduates with technological backgrounds. Topic 3 will show you some of these technologies that Belgian companies are developing.

  • To Jupiter and Back Again

The challenges of communication at a distance of 900 million kilometers


  • Getting Humans back to the Moon

About building satellites and critical systems to return to the Moon


  • System Integration from A(nalysis) to Z(ero-G)

The ins and outs of the design, development and verification of electro-optical payloads


  • State-of-the-art Instruments to Understand our Universe and Protect our Planet

​How large telescopes and incredibly accurate optics for space missions are designed and built



Michael François

Michael holds a Master in electro-mechanical engineering from University of Louvain-La-Neuve and has been active in space since 20 years. After 8 years working in Belgian space industries dealing with communication systems for low earth orbit satellites, space station payloads development or GPS/Galileo high precision receiver development, he joined the European Space Agency Technology Center (ESA/ESTEC) as project controller for small technology mission developments, in particular the first accurate dual spacecraft formation flying mission. He moved then to optical instrument development management for earth observation missions. He was in charge of the Vegetation payload on board the PROBA-V satellite developed by a Belgian industrial consortium and launched in 2013 or the development of a compact hyperspectral payload for small satellite. He is currently managing the development of the FLORIS instrument on board the ESA mission named FLEX as FLuorescence EXplorer, a world premiere complex optical instrument to quantify the photosynthesis activity from the vegetation by observing the photo induced fluorescence. He is involved in many technical committees related to current or future Earth Observation optical missions.  

To Jupiter and Back Again: The Challenges of Communication at a Distance of 900 Million Kilometers

Mattias Genbrugge

Project Manager

Mattias Genbrugge is an Engineering Project Manager responsible for the Communication Subsystem of the JUICE Spacecraft (Jupiter Icy Moon Explorer). JUICE is the first large-class mission in ESA's Cosmic Vision 2015-2025 program and planned for launch in 2022.

Getting Humans back to the Moon: About Building Satellites and Critical Systems to Return to the Moon


Stijn Ilsen

Project Manager and Spacecraft Operations System Engineer 

Stijn Ilsen graduated as Master of Science in aerospace engineering (2004). He did his master thesis at the European Space Agency, after which he joined Airbus to work on the European space telescope Herschel, throughout testing in Europe and the launch in Kourou. Since >10 years, Stijn is working at QinetiQ, in Kruibeke, where he is a Project Manager working on the Belgian PROBA satellites. He also wrote a children’s book about space, titled: Reis naar de sterren.

How large telescopes and incredibly accurate optics for space missions are designed and built

Philippe Gilson



Philippe Gilson is an aerospace engineer from ULiège, and holds an MBA from INSEAD. Prior to becoming the CEO of AMOS in 2015, he held various positionsabroad, such as ENVISAT project engineer at the European Space Agency (NL), Operations Director for CNES at the Guyana Space Center in Kourou, Strategic Marketing Director at Air Liquide (Grenoble), and Director of Ocean Energy at ALSTOM (Nantes). 

System Integration from A(nalysis) to Z(ero-G)

The ins and outs of the design, development and verification of electro-optical payloads


Rutger de Nutte

System Engineer / Project Manager 

Rutger started his career at OIP in 2017. A passion for space has dictated his academic and career choices, starting with a Master’s Physics & Astronomy (UGent), Advanced Master’s Space Studies (UGent/KU Leuven) and doctoral research in astronomy (KU Leuven). Following initial work in project and system engineering on various space projects at OIP, he has recently taken up the role as project Manager of the ALTIUS Instrument, a key space project at OIP


Topic 3 

Out of this world technologies

7 October 2020 16:30 - 19:00 CET

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