Switch to Space

The initiative by YouSpace Belgium

Space activities cover nowadays a broad range of fields attracting more and more international partners from industry, SMEs, research institutions, and governments. Moreover, technology transfer between terrestrial and space applications as well as the emergence of the 'Newspace' have contributed to attracting entrepreneurs to a domain traditionally limited to national and international space agencies.

In line with this trend, the European Space Agency has adopted the concept of Space 4.0, in which interactions between governments, the private sector, civil society, and policymakers are strengthened. It is further acknowledged that the European space sector can be competitive only by fully integrating into European society and economy.

Worldwide, space has started attracting more and more professionals from sectors originally with few or no links with established space activities. As a consequence, universities have diversified their curricula and included space studies in their programmes. 

More than ever, multidisciplinary approaches have become a key factor in this new space era and the proposed event 'Switch to Space' aims at contributing to raising students' awareness.

"For a long time, we dreamt of going to the moon, sending satellites around the earth, robots on Mars and exploring the universe with telescopes … many were failures but enthusiasm, determination, perseverance led to success! Tomorrow, maybe it will be you who discovers new life changing materials, a new energy, a planet similar to the earth… Maybe you will be the one to open a new door…. to go ever further to explore our universe! "Switch to Space", the key that opens the paths of the possible!"


Dominique Tilmans

About YouSpace

The mission of the YouSpace is to help young and ambitious people interested in the Space sector to take their first steps towards achieving their goals, boosting their career and improving Europe’s competitiveness.