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Free webinar Electric Propulsion & new career opportunities in the space sector in Europe

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

On 17 November, 2021 a free webinar will be held by the professionals representing the World's and Europe's leading space organisations. This webinar is dedicated to Electric propulsion and industry related career opportunities for students and young professionals. No previous knowledge and experience in the field of electric propulsion is needed.

During this event you will get very concise answers to such questions as:

  • What added value does electric propulsion offer to society and the space community?

  • What career opportunities does the space industry provide young professionals?

  • How do international consortia work on innovation projects? ​

You will get to know how such initiatives as and Switch to Space can help students and young professionals boost their career, find mentors, create networks and spot new opportunities locally and internationally.

You will also participate in very engaging conversations where experts will share their experience, regrets and success stories during their study period at university - session “7 advices to my younger self at university” and finally you will have the opportunity to ask everything you always wanted to know about working in a space company.

Check out the agenda and save the date now!

About organisers

The webinar is organised by the EU funded project GIESEPP MP in collaboration with Switch to Space and project AETHER.

Switch to Space is an initiative organised by Its mission is to set up an active network between students, young professionals and space experts through meetings and events. The aims are to facilitate discussion, advice, coaching, and share the same passion and enthusiasm for the space sector.

By proposing a gridded ion engine propulsion system the Horizon 2020 project GIESEPP

MP consortium aims at boosting Europe’s competitiveness in the global satellite market. The Horizon 2020 project AETHER aims at the early design of a ram-EP thruster, from the intake to the ionisation stage, to the acceleration stage which would counteract atmospheric drag and keep the spacecraft in very Low Earth Orbit.

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