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The 5th of October 2020!!

The first ever event about the career opportunities
in the Space sector in Belgium.

Get to know more about space sector. Meet space professionals from different fields. Attend the sessions you are interested the most. Ask questions to professionals and get to know more about career possibilities in space sector! 

You are living, studying, working in Belgium? You are a Bachelor, Master or a Ph.D. Student and you are interested in the field of Space? You are a Young professional interested in a career in Space? This event is for you!

Almost every sector today is linked to Space! Because the impressive development of Space Applications leads to lots of new job opportunities in many different fields: Agronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Nutrition, Geography, HR, Finance, IT, Medicine, Law, Management…Because Space industry in Belgium always needs new talents!

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Access to space, the problem of debris and the exploitation of space as a resource...

This session will address these questions by explaining how physiology is affected by space conditions such as microgravity and radiations. 

This session will provide an overview of space-enabled science via three topics investigated by a large number of scientists in Belgium...

This session will explore the various tests performed on structures, materials, and electronics. 

What are the current trends? Is there room for Artificial Intelligence in Space? 

This session will explore two of the main activities in the space sector: Navigation and Communication

The session will address both scientific and commercial applications of Earth Observation data

Intro to events. Main overview on trends, hot topics, facts, basics, players etc. 

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