October 19th, 2022

Switch to Space 3

Egmont Palace, Brussels 

With a possibility to attend plenary sessions online

The largest event in Belgium dedicated to students and young professionals interested in developing careers in the space sector

This is already the third edition of the Switch to Space event, which will bring together students and young professionals interested in space, industry representatives and space professionals to discuss the latest advances and achievements in the state of knowledge and to consider new horizons.
It will also be an opportunity for you to get in touch with professionals and start building your own professional network.

Careers - Opportunities - Expand your knowledge

Space Exploration: the Moon & Mars 

7 engaging topics

Morning & evening plenary sessions

Moon & Mars

Topic 2 Telescopes: Unravelling the mysteries of the Universe

switch to space

Topic 4

Astronauts 2.0: 21st century Explorers to Mars

space s2s3

Topic 6

Protect & Defend our Planets


Topic 1

To the Moon & Mars

mars and moon

Topic 3

Space Technologies for Moon & Mars

space event in Belgium

Topic 5

Using local resources on Planets to



Topic 7

Space humanities / Leaving the cradle of humanity

Moon & Mars



Switch to Space would not be possible without support of the sponsors.

On behalf of our team and the participants we want to thank you!

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Tips & Tricks

The Switch to Space team has prepared an exclusive document “Tips & Tricks” about the space sector in Belgium, main players, potential employers, work opportunities and more…

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