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Frank Preud’homme, Member of the Board QinetiQ Space invites...

About Frank Preud’homme

Experienced in space project management and holding several management functions at QinetiQ Space before, currently he is a member of the board and Sales and Business Development Director at Qinetiq Space with additional responsibilities for external communications and relations and strategy. Frank is very active and member of the board in the Belgian space professional associations VRI, Belgospace and FLAG. In his career he has been part of different Advisory groups  for exploration and space technical infrastructure and he has supported numerous outreach, educational and inspirational events in space field.

About QinetiQ

Through its longstanding ESA heritage, QinetiQ offers the design, build, launch and operation of complex space infrastructure, ground stations, subsystems and satellites. The PROBA remote sensing satellites were designed and built at our facilities near Antwerp, where today we deliver entire satellites and major satellite equipment including payload computers, remote terminal units, and mass memories.

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