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Become the next space entrepreneur with ESA Space Solutions Belgium!

Are you interested in developing your own space-enabled application? Do you have a great idea about a terrestrial product which could benefit from space technology? Or are you thinking of starting a business powered by satellite data? Come talk to us to discover the opportunities proposed by ESA Space Solutions Belgium.

Verhaert and Galaxia Space Innovation bundle their activities to bring space and other sectors closer together. ESA Space Solutions Belgium makes the bridge between technology transfer and business incubation. In this way, innovations are fed and marketed in an interesting way.

ESA Space Solutions Belgium gives Belgian entrepreneurs a boost to innovate with space technology. Entrepreneurs that want to use space technology or know-how receive financial support up to €35.000 to set up feasibility studies or demonstration projects. You can also access our incubation program which is aimed at boosting start-ups with €50.000 working with space technology on new solutions. Or perhaps you are interested in a kick-start program from ESA Business Application offering up to €60.000 to jump-start your project.

We will help you on your way to find the best opportunities to become Belgium’s next space entrepreneur!

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