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70 years of experience in nuclear science & technology

SCK CEN is one of the largest research institutions in Belgium. Every day, more than 900 employees dedicate themselves to developing peaceful applications of radioactivity. SCK CEN's research activities focus on three main areas:

  • innovative nuclear systems;

  • nuclear waste management and dismantling;

  • and the resolute fight against cancer.

Through this dedicated focus, SCK CEN addresses challenges in climate change, nuclear waste and cancer, making impactful contributions. These extend beyond research, creating a positive and lasting societal impact.

Moreover, reinforcing our commitment, SCK CEN will continue to guarantee nuclear safety and security, provide radiation protection for the well-being of people and the environment, and disseminate our nuclear knowledge.

SCK CEN is world-renowned and shares its knowledge through countless publications and training courses, so that this pool of exceptional competence can be maintained.

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