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ESA Academy

ESA Academy is ESA's overarching educational programme for university students from ESA Member States, Canada, Latvia, Lithuania and Slovenia. Through a tailored transfer of space know-how and interaction with space professionals, ESA Academy takes students through a learning path that enriches their academic education. As a result, students can enhance their skills, boost their motivation and ambitions, become acquainted with the standard professional practices applied nowadays in the space sector, and be better prepared for the labour market.


The three pillars of ESA Academy:

Projects, a continuing programme that enables university students to gain first-hand, end-to-end experience of space-related projects. *

Training, an initiative offering university students a portfolio of different training sessions and learning opportunities.

Engagement, an initiative offering structured collaboration models both within ESA and externally with academia, industry, and institutions to contribute together to the preparation of future talents in terms of knowledge, skills, and competences, through joint events, scholarships, conference sponsorships and internships in industry.


In addition, ESA offers a number of entry-level programmes targeting students (Master or PhD), recent graduates and young professionals, alongside its vacancies for experienced professionals. One of them could be your path to space! Quickly find out which programme could be the best fit for you by following the pathways at ESA on our entry-level flowchart.

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