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Telespazio Belgium

Space in sight, people at the core!

Telespazio Belgium is a subsidiary of Telespazio, a large International group that represents the result of a joint venture between Leonardo (67%) and Thales (33%).

Telespazio works to bring Space closer to Earth, benefitting citizens, institutions and companies in a variety of sectors ranging from design and development of space systems to operations of launch services, in orbit satellite control and complex ground systems, engineering support to institutional and private customers; from Earth observation to integrated satellite communication, navigation and localisation services, and through to scientific programmes.

Telespazio Belgium is headquartered in Transinne, in the province of Luxembourg, and mainly works for Space Agencies and Large Space Systems Manufacturers from its offices of Redu, Katwijk, Prague, and Luxembourg.

Working for Telespazio Belgium means taking part in more than 40 years of research, innovation and excellence in the space sector, a challenge that is exciting and fascinating every day! However, it also means taking part in a fantastic human adventure. With 18 different nationalities and an average age of around 38, Telespazio Belgium pays great attention to the well-being and safety of its employees. Open-mindedness, exchange and kindness are the key words that govern daily life in our offices.

Telespazio Belgium is also the perfect place for your thesis and internships. We put a great importance to the development of future space professionals (from STEM disciplines to economy, law and HR), and we want to provide the best opportunities to support the champions of tomorrow.

Come and meet us, we will be happy to show you what it is like to have your head in Space and your feet on Earth!

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