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Redwire Corporation

Redwire Corporation (NYSE:RDW) is a global space infrastructure and innovation company enabling civil, commercial, and national security programs. Redwire's proven and reliable capabilities include avionics, sensors, power solutions, critical structures, mechanisms, radio frequency systems, platforms, missions, and microgravity payloads. Redwire combines decades of flight heritage and proven experience with an agile and innovative culture. Redwire's approximately 700 employees working from 14 facilities located throughout the United States and Europe are committed to building a bold future in space for humanity, pushing the envelope of discovery and science while creating a better world on Earth.


Redwire's team in Belgium (Kruibeke) delivers entire satellites and major satellite equipment, including platforms, on-board computers, power control and distribution units, and remote terminal units. With two cleanroom areas and multiple working labs, this facility is a major contributor to the infrastructure of the International Space Station – building sophisticated science instruments and life support systems to enable long-term crewed missions. Redwire is also developing IBDM, the International Berthing and Docking Mechanism for the European Space Agency.

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