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Telecharger The Mummy Jeux Pc




The Movie Since I love everything The Mummy, I thought that it would be fun to make a short animation, with my favourite version of The Mummy. I'm an admirer of Universal Studios, so I thought I could make something that isn't really related to the movie, but that would be fun. I already had some idea of how I could make this thing, because I already had an engine, and I had some graphics, but I could not find the time, so I did not make anything. After 3 years, I was able to put everything together and to make the short animated movie, “Where Are They Now?” This project was born to make a short animation to celebrate Universal's 150 years anniversary, and to use my engine to make it. As I was doing it, I learned a lot of things about 3D, programming, and animation. After many frustrations, I started to find my path to make the short film I had in my mind. One of my big motivation to learn animation was to be able to adapt my skills to make a comic book, which is another thing I love. So that's the reason why I used this animation to make a comic book. Introduction I've been wanting to make a Mummy comic book, to celebrate Universal's 150 years anniversary. I finally started making it in August 2017. A while ago I was searching for an engine to animate my comic book, and I found Babylon 5. It is open source, but I have had very little time to play with it, even though it was really fun. At that time I found Unity, but I didn't want to use a proprietary engine for my comic. I was thinking about making a game, and the other thing that I wanted to do with my creation was to port it in mobile platforms. I was afraid that the porting of Unity would be complicated, because of the size of the code and the complexity of the workflow. So, I have been looking for a free and open source engine, and I found Blender. I downloaded it, but I didn't really understand the workflow of the software, and my familiarity with the UI was too poor. I felt that I could spend years developing a simple program. A few years ago, I saw Blend4web, the Python scripting interface to Blender. I started to learn Python and I started to make a game, “




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Telecharger The Mummy Jeux Pc

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